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The Tea Tree addition

This summer we have added an extra space to the original beach bar. It's located on the north side helping us protect the terrace from winds. This location gives us the opportunity to host more events and seat more guests inside.

The bar gets full sun light all day, and has the most amazing sunsets. It completely gives you summer vibes and is a great private space.

The longboards on the wall enhance our Australian 'Noosa' concept, with different woods and white shiplap walls we created the perfect beach house. By using different chairs and table forms, there is a lot to see. I created variety by working with high tables, low seating and larger tables. The focus is on the view, and ass all windows can open, there is a real indoor-outdoor feeling.

When it comes do designing a hospitality area, its important to keep the workflow in mind. The utilities need to be stored and have to be accessible to staff. I decided to place the service point in the middle so it divides the long space a bit and it's easily accessible from all sides.

It's already in full use and we believe it's one of our best decisions!

Check out for yourself

If you have any questions about furniture, styling or other please fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you!

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