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I finished my university degree in international business and hospitality at Hotelschool The Hague early 2019, while living in Australia. Early 2020, I took the risk of becoming an entrepreneur, designing and opening a beach restaurant; Noosa. Fast forward to today and Ive been running a beach restaurant for almost four years now, working for myself and doing something I love.


I’ve poured all that hard-earned knowledge into designing a successful beach pavilion and two amazing homes. Juggling life between Portugal and The Netherlands, while travelling all over the world in the winter times. Now I can say I've dived deep into designing and decorating, while continuing to develop my vision on creating homes and hospitality spaces. 

Hence, I am placing all outcomes of my creativity on this platform, for whoever enjoys the designprocess of spaces. 

inspire, design, create

"The goal is to design a space that reflects you."

Kiki Coster, Entrepreneur

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