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Deco addictions

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Once I've furnished my home, I go crazy with decorations. I don't like too much, I like it cohesive and calm. Although it's hard to not bring in too much, I like to get matching items that are also functional. If you need it, choose it pretty.

Pillow talk

I love pillows, 50 x 50 pillows, rolls and 80 x 40 are my favourite sizes. My go to shops are H&M home, Zara home and La redoute. The addiction to stripes never really fades, just make sure it's in the same style and you can mix and match all you like.

Next on the top of my list would be plates, I love hosting and entertaining. A daily that we use at home is mugs, for coffee/thee. I mostly get them at Sissy boy home, and this winter we brought home this beautiful handmade set from Mexico.

Organisation is key to designing a cohesive space that represents you. This is why I make lists for everything. I start by categorising the rooms in my house or space.

  1. Living room

  2. Dining room

  3. Kitchen

  4. Bathroom

  5. Bedroom

  6. Terrace

  7. Hallway

  8. Stairway

  9. Laundry room

Then I list all the items I desire, I search for the shop/supplier and add the price in an excel sheet.

For example I ask myself the question what do I need for my kitchen?

My lists will look as follows:

A. Dispensers for food products like spaghetti/rice/oats - Zara home - €15-17 - #nr of items needed x 3

I categorise in the same order when I start in an empty space. I picture everything before ordering furniture and when budgeting in my designing process. It provides you a clear overview of what you are still missing, to get that finishing touch and what you can spend on the items, so you can search for the appropriate product. Budgeting is a key factor in designing! Soon I will be writing a post on this topic. Most beautiful things come with a less beautiful price, but what to prioritise and how can we have it all?

Other topics I will be writing about soon are organisation, space division, themes and styles, textures, budgeting and timing.

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