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The creative process

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The fun in building a beach bar is you can change it up each year! This years change will be our second event space.

In the winter I get the chance to check out so many special places in the world. It is in these moments that I have time to think through possible changes that will benefit the restaurant, but also will add to the already solid concept.

On our north side of the terrace we decided to build an extra space to work as an extension of the restaurant but also for group reservations. It is perfectly located, with open ocean view.

Last summer I travelled to Barcelona, to be more specific Garraf. Right on this small beach there is a 'little beach house' owned by the SOHO group. Next door there is a small beach bar called 'La Caseta' all indoor-outdoor feeling with some smart shade providing ideas. During my trip in Mexico this winter, I started creating a moodpboard for the space, combining the two styles and experiences I've had in these wonderful places.

You can find here the moodboard I have created for the currently ongoing project.

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