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My rule of thumb!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Do you have a large or small space to decorate? Here are some simple tricks to keep in mind and what to avoid.

Walls and tight spaces

When you have a small space, most people tend to buy furniture that is not too large so it won't occupy the whole room. Then remember, sometimes when you put smaller furniture, the space projects even smaller. Go for the large table, and the large sofa.

My rule of thumb includes a few tips and tricks that I never avoid while designing and decorating a space. One of my most important rules is to never put your sofa against your wall. Even if you have a tight space, leave just a little bit of room between the sofa and the wall. You will see this gives the room a much larger feeling.

Example of the rule

Recently I have purchased a customised TV stand that reaches wall to wall, made my Tylko. I believe the beige colour of the stand matches the warm wood colour of my floor and the sofa, while reaching from wall to wall it lengthens the space. Moreover it gives me the calm ambience I've been trying to create.

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